abtira deniz bulutsuz

In one sentence, who is Deniz Bulutsuz?

A travel addict, control freak, sweet tooth, self employed, workaholic who is also very interested in fashion and content creation:)

abtira deniz bulutsuz

We had the privilege to shoot you at your home, it was important to you. What does your home mean to you?

The most precious thing about my home is that it’s mostly designed by my mom. I love her sense of style and beauty and to live in a house that she dreamed of is a great connection between us. My favorite parts of the house is no doubt the custom bookshelf we designed together and the colorful kitchen tiles used as a carpet in the middle of our kitchen. Living here with my two cats, hosting dinner parties for my best friends, working on new projects feed my soul every single day. It’s gonna sound a cliché but this place is definitely my happy place and sanctuary. 

You do some of the most esthetic work on social media that I’ve ever seen…both thru your own account as well as thru your agency ONDAKKA… where does the inspiration come from?

Thank you so much! I think every time I look at abtira’s page on Instagram I feel the same things for your contents:) Feelings are mutual in this case! 

I started creating social media content way before Instagram was cool:) Guess I just look at things a bit different than others, can’t really say how and why. I also take my time while I create something, I don’t just take pictures to post and prove my existence on social media. Every picture I take has to serve my notion of beauty first and then becomes a contenT:) Once one of my friends told me that I can even make grandma’s rice look good on my stories:) I think that’s because that rice is the most beautiful meal on earth for me and I can make you look at that through my eyes:) Whenever I need inspiration I travel (my go to place is always London) Being able to see different places is the biggest reason why I try to make money and work harder & harder everyday. I talk to people who have different interests in life and who are keen on what they like. I’m always open for new information, places, tastes and ideas! 

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Female boss to female boss, how is managing the business and working all the time going? 

Ahaha! You tell me… To be honest I’ve never imagined one day I would have my own business cuz I watched my dad struggling with his business for as long as I remember and I was always afraid to have all that weight on my shoulders… But look where we are now:) Having your own business has of course pros and cons. We are a boutique agency that has the luxury to pick clients and projects so that we are doing the things we like the most. The privilege to manage your own time without reporting to anyone is priceless. But if you are a workaholic like me and you turn to your work every time you face a difficultly in your personal life as a way of meditation you burn out very quick and stress management becomes an issue:) Knowing that you are responsible from a group of people is the biggest challenge since day 1. I’m talking to people mostly in Europe on how they manage to keep the business going and every time I face the reality of how difficult our job is here in Turkey. How hard we have to work to make things happen… 

You studied literature. Who’s the writer that has had most effect on you?

The hardest questions after the first one:) I studied French Literature at Galatasaray University but during that 6 years being with friends and living life was more important than appreciating Proust or Camus to be honest. That’s why going you a French name from my college years wouldn’t be honest:) Yet Maupassant’s tales and José Mauro de Vasconcelos’s stories gifted me great memories. Nowadays I love love love reading Yōko Ogawa’s fictions and I strongly recommend her to everyone!

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abtira deniz bulutsuz

And now a skin question…. Tell us about your skin challenges and solutions…

I’ve had a very harsh 1.5 years both for my physical and mental health back in 2020. My skin went crazy, my face was covered by closed comedones. Being someone who never had any major skin problems even during her teen years, I was so upset and didn’t know what to do. I was never a big skincare girl who was obsessed with products and routines so I called Anna and begged for help:) You know the treatments better than I do, you can fill in the blanks here maybe ?:) 

After getting rid of that comedones my skin went back to normal (oily and with open pores) I try to keep my skin as clean and hydrated as possible. 

My go to products : 





Finally, what are Deniz’s dreams these days?

I have so many of them so I have to pick the most possible one to share:) 

Found a great place near Bordeaux couple of weeks ago on Instagram. It’s an old house with 6 bedrooms surrounded by 700 square meters of green space, high ceilings, a celler full of French wine… I’m dreaming a week away from everything, spent with close friends, no social media no work calls… “fingers crossed please”

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Deniz Bulutsuz / co-founder of ONDAKKA / @denizbulutsuz / @on.dakka

Photos / İmge Yüksel / @imge_